The Big Time Rush boys and myself… are like… family. And it’s amazing, you know? I couldn’t have imagined before this process, that I would like these guys so much.”

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Hey, I saw that Carlos will perform at the KCA Colombia. Are you going?

No, I’m not. I don’t live in the city where they’re doing the event.

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8 - Blogs.

8. Top 5 favorite blogs:

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16. Favorite movie: I already answered Gladiator, but now I’m gonna say some of my favorite movies :)

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16 and 17 :)

16. Favorite movie: This is a hard one! I think I can’t choose just one favorite movie, but I always enjoy Gladiator even though I’ve seen it countless times so let’s go with that

17. A fact about my life: My life is not really… eventful? I’m not like most of teenagers, going to parties every weekend and hanging out with lots of friends and all of that. I like doing other stuff, with just my closest friends and my family

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5, 6 lol, 17..... are you straight?

5. Piercings I have: I don’t have any piercings

Already did 6! :)

17. A fact about my life: (is the ‘are you straight’ question part of this?) I like people, so I guess I’m not straight? Sexuality for me is not a big deal. If I like someone, I like them because of who they are and that’s it, regardless of their gender or anything else.

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1, 6, 8.

1. The meaning behind my url: I came up with this url after watching the Christmas episode of BTR, because they don’t get as much recognition as they deserve and all of that. I don’t know, I thought it was funny. It’s lame, right? Yeah, it’s lame.

6. Favorite band: I love BTR, but I think my all time favorite band is Paramore

8. Top 5 countries I want to visit (you should’ve asked ‘cause look what I choose…): 

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